• Adam Antoun

Dave - Season 2 Review

By Adam Antoun

Season 2 of Dave was uncontrollably amazing. The risks taken, the brutal honesty...the heart.

This show is a powerhouse of real emotion and identified ego that pours life lessons out of the screen. Much like Lil Dicky’s rap career, Dave is mislabeled as a comedy. Sure, it’s downright hilarious, but the depths reached offer a new genre altogether. In the end, it’s all about friendship. And there’s nothing more relatable on earth. We all have friends or lost friends, and the value of those relationships are inherent and vital.

Dave is willing to do just about anything to be seen and understood as a truly prolific artist. The irony of the show being autobiographical twists his genius and lack of genius around us until we are boxed in with him. Dave exposes himself in a shameless and freeing revolution that helps break the walls of insecurity. We all have something we wish we could change. But Daveallows us this indulgence: what if we embrace who we are? What if we kill our ego? It’s scary the things we could do if we knew we couldn’t fail.

GaTa brings a realness to the show that is worthy of unanimous praise. In the season’s final

episode, when he’s wiping his tears as the riser brings him to the biggest stage of his life, I

can’t help but swell with pride. That’s what this show does. It puts you in the ring with Lil Dicky and the whole crew. When they make it, we make it. I feel charged and excited to act. I want to call my friends and start a business with them. Create an album. Make a movie. Solve a complicated puzzle at least.

Seasons 1&2 are streaming on Hulu. For those that come across an episode that leaves your

brow furled, maybe it’s not for you. That is to say, you’re not cool enough. It’s not an easy show to get into. Some will find aspects crass and others flat-out disgusting. I say push through. You just might learn something. In the end, it’s oozing with heart. You’ll likely feel as I do, and rush immediately to text your best friend and tell them you love them.

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