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Fear Street Part 3: 1666 - A Review Free of Spoilers

Updated: Aug 1

Written by Adam Antoun

Photography by Alex Feliciano.

The closing chapter of Fear Street falls short. In its attempts to bring closure to the story, the heartbeat of the series flatlines. Parts One and Two were action packed throughout with blood and destruction and just enough background to keep the story alive. They were fun tributes to horror with enough campiness to gain support from true fans of the genre. In 1666, the pace is fully upturned and the story drudges through the origins of Sarah Fier and Shadyside’s intrepid curse. Shock and fear were ever-present from the beginnings of the trilogy, but this unfortunate end is far too subtle.

Deena attempts to unite Sarah Fier’s bones in their final resting place, and is transported to 1666 and the birthplace of the illustrious curse. Deena’s trip is a retelling of history though her mind’s alterations. She witnesses Sarah Fier becoming the famous witch…but not exactly. A few twists and turns lead the audience right back to where they started. Trying to confound the storyline was an idea better left in the writer’s room. It works well for the pacing of a thriller like The Sixth Sense, but the fires of Fear Street Part Three: 1666 burned way too slow.

It’s difficult discerning the plight of Deena from that of Sarah Fier. Their differences and similarities circle around each other in an incomplete way. The story forces a political flyer mirroring the injustices of several hundred years ago with the state of the world today that seemed hardly necessary. The acting suffered as a result of the declined writing and the accents were all over the place. I had high hopes for the self-aware slasher blood fest seen in glimmers, but was ultimately disappointed with the trilogy as a whole. There’s good kinds of bad and bad kinds of good. I would recommend the first two installments as a fair example of the former. The final movie could be missed, however, as it is mostly a bad kind of bad.

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