• Adam Antoun

A Pig Saved the Movies

Updated: Aug 1

Nic Cage is back. With over 100 credits spanning nearly five decades, Cage delivers the most measured performance of his career. He is poised and poignant and swollen with heartache. I’d never have imagined such a powerfully reserved Nic Cage existed, and am thrilled to have witnessed it.

Pig is a sensational delight that offers a fundamental understanding of desire and motivation. It is the story of a man named Rob and his truffle pig. The two live off the grid in the Oregon wilderness and their lifestyle is funded by the occasional score of an illusive and valuable truffle. When his beloved Pig is stolen away, it is up to Rob to win her back. He must venture into the city of Portland and encounter the past he left behind to save all that he loves.

Michael Sarnoski’s directorial debut is an all-out success. He composes a deeply personal and thought-provoking experience. The camera takes you on a journey right alongside our hero. When Rob is on the floor in a pool of blood, we too are helpless and damaged on the floor looking for a way up. Pig slams you with the reality that “we don’t get a lot of things to really care about.” Motivation is born organically and in real time. The film urges its viewers to live for their true selves. And with that, love and art find their place.

Pig is the movie of the year, with little to no competition. Movies are here to turn us on, make us feel something, inspire us and get us thinking. Pig does just that. Cage and Sarnoski are easy bets for Oscar nominations, but they’ve already achieved something bigger. They’ve reassured us that there is still magic in movies. The art is not lost. It can be found in a first time director, with a small budget and an aging predictable star. The inspiration here is self-evident. I implore you to watch this film. It can’t be done from your couch with the overly comfortable aide of Netflix or Hulu or HBO Max. You’ll have to find your way to a theatre. I promise you won’t regret it. We don’t get a lot of things to really care about, but when we do, we protect it and nurture it with all we’ve got.

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